Information Technology Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology prepares students for a broad spectrum of careers in business and information management, with the opportunity for concentrated studies in cyber security, business analytics, and web and mobile design. Part of Bay State College's forward-thinking curriculum focused on innovation, globalization, entrepreneurship, and social good, this program provides students with a unique educational opportunity to explore and think critically about the information technology needs of organizations today and into the future. Students engage in experiential learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom as they prepare themselves to meet the organizational information technology challenges on both domestic and international levels.

Program Objectives

Students who major in Information Technology will be prepared to:

  • Demonstrate the use and application of appropriate technology methods, processes, and tools to address real-world problems.
  • Select, deploy, and maintain information technology resources to help an organization achieve its goals and objectives.
  • Recognize new developments and trends in information technology and evaluate and recommend the use of appropriate new technologies.
  • Analyze and effectively communicate the strategic implications of information technology resource allocations for the successful functioning of an organization.
  • Understand the ethical and societal issues facing information technology professionals and be able to formulate appropriate solutions.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in working as a member and leader of information technology and cross-functional teams.

Degree Requirements

Admission of students to the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program is based upon the general admission requirements of Bay State College. Transfer into the Information Technology program requires a minimum 2.3 cumulative grade point average. A minimum grade of "D-" is required for all core and program courses.

Core Curriculum 

Complete the Core Curriculum consisting of ten courses.

Major Courses

  • Foundation Courses 
    • MAT 200A: Statistics
    • CIS 103A: Computer Information Systems
    • CIS 250: Python
    • CIS 203: Networking Infrastructure and Security
    • CIS 230: Cloud Management
    • CIS 303: Web Applications Development
    • CIS 401: Database
    • BUS 499: Senior Project and Internship

Information Technology Concentrations
Select one of the following concentrations

  • Business Analytics
  • Cloud Security
  • Web and Mobile Development

Program Start Dates

  • Start Dates:  
    Summer 2021 Term 1 (May 17)
    Summer 2021 Term 2 (July 5)
    Fall 2021 Term 1 (August 30)
    Fall 2021 Term 2 (October 25)
    Spring 2022 Term 1 (January 10)
  • Application Deadline: Rolling Admissions 

Information Technology Degree Accreditation

Bay State College is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE, formerly NEASC). The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) accredits schools and colleges in the six New England states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont). Membership in one of the six regional accrediting associations in the United States indicates that the school or college has been carefully evaluated and found to meet the standards agreed upon by qualified educators. Bay State College is authorized to award the following degrees by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Associate in Science, Associate in Applied Science, Bachelor of Science.