Entertainment Management, Audio Production Concentration

bachelors Degree

You’ve got the talent. We’ve got the tools and knowledge. Sounds perfect.

Sophisticated audio production is everywhere today, from wireless devices streaming the latest digital release to 3-D IMAX movies pumping out surround sound. At Bay State College, we have quite a lot to share with you about the world of sound—and the career paths you can take there in everything from studio production and live sound to digital production and corporate AV.

And you’ll like what you hear. Our program is all about connecting your passion for music and audio production with your entrepreneurial spirit, so you can pursue a thriving career by learning the business side of the entertainment industry.

You’ll have a head start on your career working with your professors, who all have real-world experience in the audio production industry—and share it. Our internship opportunities will give you working session experience at some of the top recording studios in New England.  And once you graduate, our Career Services department will help you turn up the volume on finding a job, whether work with a recording studio or just start your own business.

If you’re ready to amplify your ambitions, we’re here to listen!

Possible Careers

  • Entrepreneur
  • Audio Product Support Specialist
  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Audio Visual Tech