Physical Therapist Assistant Associate of Science

As America's population continues to age, there will be an increased demand for physical therapy services that help people regain movement and function. With that kind of opportunity out there, it makes sense to choose a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program with a great reputation: 

  • Learn from industry experts who currently maintain clinical practice and research in physical therapy. 
  • Gain 720 hours of hands-on experience with clinical affiliations at renowned hospitals and sports medicine practices. 
  • Complete a 2-year service-learning project and give back to your local community. 
  • Make valuable network connections that will help you in your future career. The PTA Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Physical Therapist Association of Massachusetts (APTA of MA) is the first organization of its kind in Massachusetts and founded by Bay State College alumni and professors! 
  • Prepare for your licensure board exam. In fact, we boast a high passing rate in the National Therapy Exam for PTAs for the past few years! 

Set your Physical Therapy career in motion. Request information about our 2-year Physical Therapist Assistant program today! Interested in taking classes closer to home? Learn more about our Taunton location which offers our PTA program during the day.

Program Start Dates

Duration: 5 semesters
Semester Length: 16 weeks 
Start Dates:
Fall 2021, Monday, August 30th- Offered in Boston Day Classes
Spring 2022: Monday, January 10th- Offered in Taunton Day Classes

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Mission 

The mission of the Bay State College Physical Therapist Assistant Program is to provide a comprehensive, high quality academic and clinical education leading to the Associate of Science degree in Physical Therapist Assistant. The program strives to prepare individuals to become licensed Physical Therapist Assistants who, under the direction and supervision of licensed Physical Therapists, are able to provide high quality patient care across all patient populations and settings within the continuum of care. The program promotes a commitment to excellence, emphasizes professionalism and ethical behavior, stresses the importance of life-long learning, and values community service, in an effort to cultivate health care professionals who are vital members of the health care team and the larger community. 

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Goals 

  • The PTA Program faculty will provide students with a curriculum based on contemporary physical therapy practice and an atmosphere of a positive learning environment.    
  • The PTA Program will produce clinically competent graduates who are able to work as an entry-level physical therapist assistant under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist. 
  • The PTA Program will provide a comprehensive and high-quality curriculum enabling students to pass the national PTA exam. 
  • The PTA Program will produce culturally competent graduates who demonstrate safe, ethical and professional behavior.  
  • The PTA Program will promote the importance of the continuation of personal and professional development through community service, life-long learning opportunities and membership in professional organizations.

Employers of Our PTA Graduates 

  • Boston Medical Center 
  • Back in Motion 
  • Beantown Physio 
  • Tufts Medical Center 
  • Elite Health and Fitness Center 
  • Brockton Hospital 
  • Genesis Rehabilitation 
  • Spaulding Rehabilitation 
  • Hebrew Rehabilitation 

Physical Therapist Assistant Degree Accreditation

The Physical Therapist Assistant program at Bay State College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education:

1111 North Fairfax Street 
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 
Telephone: 703-706-3245 

Student Outcomes - Boston Campus

Boston Graduation Rates Percentage Number of Matriculated Students # of Students who Graduated within 150% of Program Length
Class of 2017 87% 38 27
Class of 2018 76% 28 19
Class of 2019 78% 24 18
Class of 2020 95.7% 29 22
Boston Licensure Rates 1st Time Pass Rate Ultimate Pass Rate
Class of 2017 92.3% 96.2%
Class of 2018 94.7% 100%
Class of 2019 93.8% 100%
Class of 2020 94.4% 94.4%
Boston Employment Rates Percentage
Class of 2017 91.3%
Class of 2018 94.7%
Class of 2019 96%
Class of 2020 TBC

Student Outcomes - Taunton Campus

Taunton Graduation Rates Percentage Number of Matriculated Students # of Students who Graduated within 150% of Program Length
Class of 2019 91.7% 12 11
Class of 2020 100% 9 9

*First class was admitted in January 2018 and graduated in August 2019.

Taunton Licensure Rates 1st Time Pass Rate Ultimate Pass Rate
Class of 2019 76.9% 100%
Class of 2020 77.8% 88.9%


Taunton Employment Rates Percentage
Class of 2019 100%
Class of 2020 Pending