Mission and Learning Outcomes

Nursing Program Mission 

The mission of the Associate Degree in Nursing Program at Bay State College is to support its students, the nursing profession, and the health of the people of the City of Boston and surrounding communities. The mission of the School of Nursing is congruent with the mission of Bay State College. 

Nursing students will receive a quality education through a supportive, nurturing learning environment leading to eligibility to seek licensure as a registered nurse and the ability to progress to baccalaureate level nursing education. 

Graduates will be prepared to sit for the national examination leading to licensure in nursing and for safe, ethical, entry level practice as registered nurses. They will be ready to enter the profession in a diversity of roles and settings to meet current healthcare needs. 

Nursing Program Learning Outcomes 

Graduates of the Bay State College Associate Degree in nursing program will possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to provide safe and effective care to their patients and participate in improving the quality and safety of healthcare. The outcome measures are informed by the Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies as developed by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Nursing Initiative (revised 2016). Emphasis is placed on the student's development of critical thinking and clinical judgment.

Students demonstrate achievement of the end of program student learning outcomes and program outcomes by satisfactory completion of a comprehensive portfolio and successful completion of all final nursing courses with a minimum passing grade of 80%. The student portfolio is evaluated by nursing faculty according to a shared rubric outlining expected students work.

ADN RN End of Program Student Learning Outcomes

The organizing framework for the ADN program consists of competencies and integrated concepts based on Massachusetts Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies© Registered Nurses (NOFNCC) which encompass the qualities of a successful ADN registered nurse.  At the completion of the program Bay State College Associate Degree Registered Nurse program graduates will:

  1. Provide patient-centered care that incorporates patient's preference, values, and needs while providing culturally competent care to diverse populations across the life span, locally, nationally, and globally.
  2. Demonstrate accountability consistent with legal, ethical, and standards-based practice using clinical judgement in providing nursing care.
  3. Use leadership skills to function effectively within inter-professional teams, fostering open communication, mutual respect, and shared decision making to achieve patient-centered quality outcomes
  4. Integrate information and technology skills to provide evidence-based care and contribute to organizational goals that positively impact patient outcomes.
  5. Use clinical judgement to improve patient outcomes using identified data from quality improvement and safety initiatives.

ADN RN Program Conceptual Model

The ADN RN Curriculum Framework is conceptualized by faculty and based on the NOFNCC.