Nursing Admissions Criteria


  • GPA of 2.8 (cumulative) 
  • Average GPA of course work in lab science should be a minimum of 2.5 
  • At this time, we will accept the TEAS, SAT, or ACT 

Nursing Admissions Process

  1. Apply for admission 
    a. Fill out your application
    b. Submit your official high school transcripts (transfer students may submit a copy of your transcript)  
    c. Submit your official college transcripts (if applicable) 
  2. Some newly accepted students will be asked to take the Wonderlic Placement Exam.  
    a. Accepted students who are required to take the placement exam will be notified via email in their acceptance that they will need to take a placement exam.  
    b. If the high school or college transcript indicates a deficiency in reading, writing, or basic arithmetic skills; the Wonderlic Placement will be required to ensure that student is placed in the correct course level. 
  3. Waitlist 
    a. We will establish a wait list for students who are below our recommended GPA but have extenuating circumstances.
    b. In these cases, Admissions Counselors will ask for a personal statement or interview
    c. Students on the waiting list will be re-reviewed starting 1 month prior to cohort start but may be admitted until 1 week prior to the start.
    d. Students will be ranked as they are placed on wait list.  Rank will factor in date of application, academic criteria, and interview or personal statement.  

Prior to Enrolling 

  1. Fill out FASFA 
    a. Go to 
    b. Bay State College code is 003965 
  2. Submit your CORI, health immunizations, program disclosure, and enrollment agreement.  

Bay State College ADN Program Change Policy

Currently enrolled Bay State College students seeking a transfer to the Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN) must meet the above admissions criteria to be considered for a change of program acceptance into the ADN program. Additionally, students must meet with their current academic advisor to validate that they meet the above admissions criteria and, if so, they must also secure a change of program referral from their current academic advisor to be provided to the Nursing Program Chair. Please note that meeting the admissions criteria and securing a referral from your current academic advisor does not guarantee the change of program will be approved. The Nursing Program Chair makes the final decision on approving the change of program request.