Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exam (NACE I): Foundations of Nursing

What is the NACE I exam?

The NACE I exam is the primary admission criteria for the LPN-RN transfer option; therefore, students who take this exam should be in the process or have earned a Practical Nursing license. The NLN NACE I exam is a nursing validation test designed to evaluate previous learning to assist in the placement of nurses who are seeking educational mobility. The NACE I exam focuses on topics directly associated with Practical Nursing skills and duties. Each section consists of multiple-choice questions.

When is it appropriate in my course progression to take the NACE I exam? 

Bay State College recommends that current Practical Nursing students take the NACE I exam no earlier than their 3rd semester of the Practical Nursing program or after the student has graduated from the PN program.

What score do I need to obtain on the exam? 

A minimum score of 76 is required but does not guarantee acceptance into the nursing program. 

Can I take the exam more than once? 

The NACE I can be taken more than once; however, students who wish to re-take the NACE I must wait at least four weeks after the original test date. Only two attempts are allowed in one year.

If I re-take the NACE I exam, which score is used?

 We use the higher of the two scores

Where can I take the exam?

The exam can be taken remotely. Please refer to the NLN Test Information on the NLN website.