Health Studies - Medical Assisting Concentration

Associate Degree

Thank you for your interest in the A.S. in Health Studies, Medical Assisting Concentration program. Bay State College is no longer accepting applications for this program. Please refer to the Medical Assisting Certificate.

Join a team that’s saving lives every day. All it takes is two years of practice.

In today’s clinical healthcare industry, it’s all about teamwork—medical professionals working side by side to solve problems and save lives.  Increasingly, medical assistants are playing a vital clinical and administrative role in the success of such teams. Medical Assistants are multiskilled allied health professionals working in a private physician’s practice, hospitals or even  in a busy emergency department.

With medical assisting now the third fastest-growing profession in the U.S. through 2014, it’s now also a very smart professional path to consider.  And the best news?  Bay State College can get you on track to a successful career as a medical assistant in just two years.

In the Medical Assisting concentration of the Health Studies Associates Program, you’ll work closely with educated professors who have extensive experience in the medical field. You’ll also benefit from 160 hours of clinical and administrative internships, gaining valuable real-world experience that will help you prepare to take the American Medical Technologists or American Association of Medical Assistants. 

Along the way to graduation, Bay State’s Career Services will help you prepare for your career launch and even pinpoint job opportunities for you.  They’ll also review other options with you, such as continuing your studies at the bachelor's level.

Put yourself in on a team that’s making a difference.  We have a position ready for you.


The Medical Assisting program prepares graduates to work as medical assistants. The program enables graduates to enter the health care field empowered with the professional skills and theory necessary to make clinical judgments in a variety of medical settings.

Courses are designed to prepare students for the national Medical Assisting Registration Exam (RMA) of the AMT Association and the Certified Medical Assistant Exam (CMA) of the American Association of Medical Assistants. In addition, students graduate with the ability to continue their education in a variety of disciplines at the baccalaureate level.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate preparedness to function in the role of a medical assistant and as an essential member of the contemporary health care team.
  • Apply knowledge of the normal human body and the body in a diseased or injured state to patient treatment.
  • Perform both the clinical and administrative responsibilities of the medical assistant so they may apply them to patient care.
  • Make rapid decisions using problem-solving and critical thinking skills so they may improve quality patient care.
  • Effectively communicate verbally, non-verbally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Standard and Universal Precautions and OSHA regulations as they pertain to the medical assistants’ standard of practice.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to patient diversity in the areas of culture, ethnicity, religion, linguistics and socioeconomic background.

Successful Alumni

Just like at Bay State, Beth Israel has been a great supporter and advocate for my success. There are great benefits and opportunities for
growth. I’ve established really strong relationships with the nurses and doctors I work with on a daily basis.

Serwa Suma-Butler, '09

Medical Assistant


Serwa Suma-Butler