Bay State College Tutoring Services

Book a Free Virtual Tutoring Session with Bay State College Faculty

Bay State College offers free one-on-one virtual tutoring with faculty members in a variety of subjects. Scheduling a session is easy. Reserve a session using this online calendar service: Tutoring Schedule Calendar.

Tutoring is scheduled in 1 hour blocks by area of study. Categories include:

  • English
  • General Tutoring (Organizational Skills)
  • Health Sciences
  • Math
  • Research Skills
  • Social Sciences

If you are unavailable during standard booking hours, feel free to email Dr. Kefor at to explore options for individualized online appointments, remote writing assistance/proofreading, or asynchronous support.  

Access NetTutor: Free Online Tutoring Guide

Bay State College continues to offer NetTutor. Follow this link to access and learn more about the service: Access NetTutor.

NetTutor offers three types of tutoring services:

  • Live Sessions - Meet with a live tutor on a virtual whiteboard during scheduled times.
  • Ask a Tutor a Question - Submit a question and get help from a tutor within 24 hours.
  • Online Paper Submission - Upload a PDF of your paper to get feedback from a tutor with 24-48 hours.