Learning Commons

The mission of the Bay State College Learning Commons is to provide resources, services, and instruction in support of teaching, learning, and scholarship at Bay State College.

Learning Commons COVID-19 Policies

  • Learning Commons users are not required to wear masks if they have been fully vaccinated.
  • Users who are fully vaccinated may work in groups. If anyone in your group is not fully vaccinated, please social distance and wear masks.
  • Food and drink will be allowed.
  • All five library computers will be available for use. Please continue to use the signs to indicate use so that the keyboards and mice can be cleaned.
  • All in-depth reference questions will be handled virtually. Please email or text us your in-depth at the front desk request. We are also happy to help you via Zoom or Teams!

The mission of the Bay State College Library is to support teaching and learning at Bay State College through resources, research help, and instruction. Students and faculty can reach out to the librarian during business hours to get assistance with research and citations, and the learning commons offers study space for individual and groups.

All Bay State College students and faculty, regardless of location, have access to the library's electronic resources, including ebooks, online research databases, and academic streaming video content. The library participates in an interlibrary loan program through its Massachusetts State Library membership. Faculty and students can request articles through this service.

Additionally, all Massachusetts residents and/or students studying in Massachusetts have access to resources available through the Boston Public Library. You can find information on the Boston Public Library website.