Interview & Interrogation Training Program

Law enforcement investigators must be aware of the Constitutional issues that can arise from flawed interview and interrogation procedures. In order to ensure statements and confessions are obtained in a legal and ethical manner, investigators need to follow an established method that is proven to be effective and minimizes claims of coercion and false confessions. 

Hosted by Bay State College and Presented by the Norton Police Department, this 3-day training course includes:

  • Behavioral analysis fundamentals in interview/interrogation
  • History of interrogation methods
  • Psychology related to false confessions
  • Introduction to interrogation
  • Theoretical models of interrogation
  • Stepwise Interview technique
  • Practice Exercises

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To secure your spot, please submit the registration cost of $299 by visiting this link. Please place "Interrogation Training" in the comment section when submitting your electronic payment.

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*Seating is limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.