Request a Book Voucher

How-to Request a Book Voucher

Terms and Conditions

If you have a credit balance on your account after all of your tuition and mandatory fees are paid,  you are eligible to have the money transferred to a book voucher  to purchase your books online via the store the Bay State College contracts for book purchases.

1. Go online at to price your books. Please review your funding estimate to ensure there will be a credit balance in the term you expect to have a credit balance. 

2. Complete the book voucher request form. Please allow 48 hours (two business days)for your request to be reviewed before attempting to purchase your books.

3. Ensure all the information on the form are correct Including  in your email – Name, ID #, and the total amount ($) of your request.

4. Request only the amount needed. Once the funds are released to the book voucher, there will NOT be any refunds processed if the money is not used to purchase the book.

5. To avoid processing the same request multiple times, please do not submit your request multiple times as each request will be reviewed and there are no refunds for unused book vouchers.

 6. Once approved you will receive info as to the amount approved and said info will be sent directly to the vendor to allow you to make your purchase at

7. Once a book voucher is processed for the credit on your account, said credit can no longer be used for book vouchers or stipends.

8.Once you have applied, please check your Bay State College email for a confirmation email and a decision email.

9. If denied for the book advance, please review the denial reason in the decision email. You may request another book advance once you meet all the requirements.

10. If approved, the book voucher amount  will be posted to your ledger, and released within 48 hours . You will receive an email notification when your book voucher advance funds are released.

11. If the funding to cover the book voucher is posted to your account prior to the funding being released to your account, it is considered an advance against said credit and will become a balance owed to Bay State College if for any reason the credit is cancelled or reduced resulting in a balance.

12. Book vouchers can only be requested up to the end of the 3rd week of classes.

13. Book vouchers will NOT be issued to students with Financial Aid, Bursar or Academic holds on their accounts.

14. All prior account balances must be paid before a credit balance book voucher can be issued. Book vouchers cannot be issued for credit balances available in future terms.

15. Book vouchers cannot be issued for students who have NOT posted attendance for a term.