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For most students, college is a time of exposure to new ideas and interests, as well as a growing understanding of career options. Bay State College and our Career Services team encourage students to explore their interests and skills as an important step in developing their career plan.

Today’s job market is changing faster now than at any other time in history, and advances in technology are influencing every industry. Many of the jobs that are in existence today weren’t even heard of just ten years ago. Because of the rapid evolution of jobs, people entering the workforce today are expected to change careers three to four times during their lifetime.

With these facts in mind, we encourage students to connect early on with our Career Services team, who pride themselves in delivering personalized and expert coaching, support, guidance. 

We believe that education and employment are the bookends to successful professional development. Bay State College Career Services guides students through the critical steps in between. From skills assessment and helping set academic checkpoints to resume reviews and mock interviews, Career Services will partner with your child to help them succeed.

Current students can access Careers on Canvas for the latest information on upcoming events, services, offerings, and recent posts on available jobs and internship opportunities!