Bay State College prepares students for successful careers by fostering programs that expose students to real-life work experience through, interdisciplinary and/or project-based learning. This approach is designed to enhance a student's ability to think critically with opportunities to gain practical experience. 

Becoming involved with a student's learning is the perfect way to support their professional development as well as establish a working relationship, which may lead to recruiting opportunities in the future.  

Find information about Bay State College current degree programs here: www.baystate.edu/programs

What Can We Offer Employers

  • Meet our students where they are with our exclusive recruiting opportunities by participating through on-campus events such as career fairs, internship fairs, and/or tabling sessions.   
  • Help shape a student’s career path by providing internships and experiential learning opportunities.   
  • Post your positions with BSC and/or request exclusive access to our current students or recent graduates. 
  • Careers on Canvas is an internal job board system where employers can request approval to have a position(s) posted online and accessible to all current students. The position(s) will be featured in the weekly announcement sent to all Bay State students on a weekly basis. 

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