Study Abroad

Experiencing a different culture first hand not only enriches your undergraduate career, but can transform your entire life.

Bay State College is a partner of the CIS Study Abroad programs. Through these programs students can customize their study abroad experiences to best match their academic, career and travel interests. Full-year, semester and summer programs are offered. Language skills are not required for most locations prior to your departure but will be a part of your studies when you arrive. All programs are offered in English and provide not only classroom instruction, but also various cultural and language development activities. Moreover, these exchange programs may be combined with internship opportunities to enable students to gain invaluable international work experience.

It is strongly recommended that you consult your Advisor or Department Chair early in your program if you are considering study abroad. Requirements will vary by country and program, but most programs require a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 to apply.

Students are not eligible for Bay State grants or scholarships during a study abroad semester. Students must be enrolled at Bay State College for a full parent term (ex. Term 1 & Term 2) before becoming eligible for the Study Abroad Program.