Bay State College Community Advisors

Who exactly are Community Advisors?

Community Advisors (CAs) are upper-class students at Bay State College who reside in the building. CAs are live-in staff whose purpose is to aid in the development of those students reside in the building. Each Community Advisor is responsible for students and is there to guide them through their college experience. This is done by:

  • Planning both social and educational programs and events throughout the year
  • Providing support to students who are struggling with academic or personal issues
  • Serve as a nightly presence in the building and,
  • Responding to emergency situations as they arise.

Interested in applying to be a Community Advisor?

  • Download Job Description
  • Online Application (make sure to see essay questions below)
  • Applications are due Monday, November 25th 2019 by 4:00 PM
  • Essay Questions (attach to online application)
    • What do you view as the most important role as a Community Advisor and how do you plan to meet it?
    • What is the most underutilized resource at Bay State College, and how would you promote it to students to ensure they are using it?
    • What are your goals for after you graduate, and how will being a Community Advisor help you reach them?
    • How would you engage with students and ensure they are an active part of the community?
    • Explain how a diverse community can enhance the residential experience.