Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions and about living on-campus at Bay State College 

Q: How many residence halls are there and where are they located?

A: Bay State College offers one residential housing option and it is located at The Longwood House in Fenway. 

Q: What features does the building offer?

A: Longwood House has the following features which students can access 24 hours a day:

  • Comfortable lounge complete with a DVD player, as well as a microwave.
  • Computer lab with a printer and free unlimited wireless internet access.
  • SmartCard operated laundry facilities.
  • Vending machines stocked with snacks, soda, and juices.
  • Card access system for entry through the front door.
  • Live-in staff, consisting of several Community Advisors and professional staff member also known as a Residence Director.
  • Please refer to the Residence Hall Profiles for a more detailed description of what they each have to offer.

Q: Are phone, cable, and internet service provided by the school in each room?

A: Each residence hall is equipped with a wireless network. Students will be able to connect to this network and obtain internet access with their Bay State email username and password, which they will receive upon arrival. Please be sure that your computer has the following requirements:

  • Operating System:
    • PCs: Windows XP or higher
    • Macs: OSX or higher
  • Wireless Network Card: 802.11 g/b/a

The costs of internet is covered by the Residence Hall Technology Fee. Phone service is not provided in each room. Cable is not offered in the residence halls. Many students choose to use cell phones. There is a landline phone located in the lobby of each building where students are able to make local telephone calls and receive phone calls. These phone numbers are published in the Resident Student Handbook that each student receives upon moving in.

Q: I’ve never had to share a living space with anyone before. What will it be like to have roommates?

A: Learning to live with roommates is one of the best parts of the college experience. Hopefully, if you respond to the Housing Preference Form honestly and accurately, you will be placed with people whom you will share a similar lifestyle. It does take some compromising and patience to make the roommate relationship work, but many people end up becoming lifelong friends with their college roommate(s). The important thing is to be honest and open with your roommate(s), and most importantly, communicate with each other!

Q: Is there a curfew in the residence halls? How about a guest policy?

A: There is no curfew in our buildings. However, there is a guest policy in place for safety and security reasons. Each resident is allowed a maximum of two guests at any given time. Residents are expected to sign their guests in at the front desk and to sign them out upon departure. Guests should be accompanied by the resident they are visiting at all times and need to vacate the building by 12:00AM Sunday through Thursday and 1:00AM Friday and Saturday. Overnight guests are allowed, but must be registered with the building director or designee at least 24 hours prior to their arrival. In order for the overnight guests to be approved, all roommates must sign-off on the registration form, acknowledging their approval. 

Q: If I am 21 or older, am I allowed to have alcohol in my room?

A: Students may apply for Personal Consumption Privileges while living in the Residence Halls.  The requirements for that privilege are stated in the Resident Student Handbook issued to each student upon moving into the residence halls. Please note that in all residence halls, empty or “trophy” bottles that are used for decoration are considered alcohol paraphernalia and are not allowed on campus for any reason.

Q: Will I be allowed to smoke in my room?

A: No, there is no smoking allowed inside any room or area of any of the residence halls. Residents are also prohibited from smoking in front of any of the residence halls as part of our “Good Neighbor Policy.” However, in order to ensure a better fit for each resident, we do inquire on the Housing Preference Form as to whether or not you smoke. We find that placing those with the same smoking preferences together results in a better living environment for all. When filling out the Housing Preference Form, you should indicate whether or not you are a smoker, keeping in mind  that although smokers may be placed together, there is still no smoking allowed in any of the residence halls.

Q: Who exactly are these Community Advisors and what are they there for?

A: Each building has a live-in staff whose purpose is to aid in the development of those students who reside in the building. The Community Advisors are upper-class students at Bay State College. Each Community Advisor is responsible for students in his or her building and is there to guide them through their college experience. This is done by:

  • Planning both social and educational programs and events throughout the year
  • Providing support to students who are struggling with academic or personal issues
  • Serve as a nightly presence in the building and,
  • Responding to emergency situations as they arise.

 Each building also has a professional live-in staff member, a Resident Director, who supervises the Community Advisor and over sees the general operations and community development of the building.

Q: Are the residence halls safe? What kind of security protection is there in the buildings?

A: Fenway is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city of Boston. However, our staff takes all necessary precautions to make sure that our residents feel safe and secure. Residence halls are locked at all times, access to each building can only be gained through the front door, which is equipped with a card access system. 

Q: What is life like living on-campus?

A: Living in the residence halls is one of the best ways to get involved at Bay State College and to meet new people. The staff encourages an open-door policy among residents, where people keep their doors open and venture from room to room getting to know each other. People are friendly and eager to make new friends. Residents are often found taking advantage of the common space in the residence halls to watch a movie, play cards, or share a late-night pizza. The residence halls are also beneficial for those students whose primary focus is academics. There are quiet hours in place each night to ensure that the halls are conducive to studying (or sleeping for those who have early classes).

Q: Is there a place where I can cook my own food on campus?

A: Each building has a community microwave located in the social lounge available for students to use 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, individual microwaves are not allowed in the student rooms. This includes the microfridge combo that is sold at some stores.

Q: Is there a dining hall on campus?

A: Yes! Included in all residential students room and board is a meal plan. Bay State College has a shared dining hall right next to the residence hall. Each student is given 330 swipes into an all you can eat style dining hall. With multiple options, including vegetarian and gluten free, the dining hall has something for everyone.