Student Resources

The Registrar’s Office is proud to serve the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Bay State College. Through these services we strive to provide resources and information to those seeking assistance while supporting the core principles of the college, ensuring the accuracy and privacy of records, and overall integrity of a Bay State education.

Who is my Academic Advisor? 

At Bay State College each student is provided an academic advisor who is a program specific professional to help guide them through their academic career. These advisors are assigned to students once they are admitted into their programs and changed if a student changes their major, when this occurs the department will update the student's record to reflect this change. Students can always see who their assigned academic advisor is by simply looking at the home page of their Self-Service Portal, see example below.  

Students with questions or concerns about the advisor assigned on their records should contact their academic department office.  

Currently listed Academic Advisors (in alphabetic order) 

Charles Daniel 
Kathleen Ashe 
Susan Hughes 
Cheryl McInerney 
Laurie Baker 
Susan Schuster 
David White 
Russell Martin 
Theyab Alhwiti 
Jennifer Verstreken 
Sara Knight
William Morrissette 
Jessica White 
Scott Morrissette 

Registration Holds 

Bay State College has a variety of Holds which are applied to a student’s record, and they are in place to indicate a deficiency on their record. Below are the various types of holds and the appropriate department contact information for each type of hold

Admissions Hold 

Admissions Department 

Contact Admissions Data Analyst 

Exit Hold 

Financial Aid Department 

Contact Default Prevention Coordinator 

Immunizations Hold 

Student Affairs Department  

Contact Mental Health Counselor/Disability Support Service 

Financial Aid Hold 

Financial Aid Department 

Contact Financial Aid Counselor  

Registrar/POG Hold 

Registrar’s Office  

Contact Registration & Records Coordinator  

Student Account Hold 

Student Account Department