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COVID-19 Update: Bay State College will be studying and working at a distance

March 15, 2020

Dear Bay State College Community,

I want to thank you for your patience as we have been trying to sort out a proper response to the current National Emergency. We have been using the best science possible in our discernment and of course, have always had the best intention of our students, faculty, and staff in mind. We had hoped that part of the College could remain open so that Health Science students (Nursing and PTA) could accumulate their practical courses that are difficult to replicate at a distance.

Sadly, as more data comes in, and public schools and churches throughout the Commonwealth cancel all events, we believe the only responsible solution will be for all activities of the college to be delivered at a distance. Fortunately, we have strong experience in distance learning, and just about every course utilizes CANVAS, even when students attend onground.

We understand that our Taunton campus will have a start on Monday and all these classes will start online as well. We will be contacting our new students personally to make certain that you are prepared to understand how CANVAS works.

Our faculty and staff will also be working from their homes. We shall continue to provide complete service as best we can, and will respond to your questions and concerns quickly, understanding the unique nature of this difficult situation.

So, while we do not  have any presumed cases of the COVID-19 in our community, we support a proactive approach to this situation. We understand that this may cause major disruptions to our facilities, and will work to help families adjust where we can. I want to assure those students currently living on campus, that for now, you may continue to stay on campus. We shall attempt to give ample warnings should that change.

We shall, like all things, get through this together. We hope that as a consequence, we shall continue to learn and grow and get to your anticipated accomplishments with as little distraction and interruption as we can. We shall continue to reevaluate things as data comes to us and shall get you information in plenty of time to schedule lives for when we all return to campus. We shall miss seeing you in person, but we shall see you online, learning and supporting each other as you always have. Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe.

Mark DeFusco, Ph.D
Chief Executive Officer/President
Bay State College