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BSC Entertainment Management Students traveled to the annual Pollstar Live! 2020 Conference in Beverly Hills, California

EM students (order from top left to right) Elizabeth Layman, Jacob Solomita, Miguel Ramirez, Vanessa Dikenga, Austin Wessel, Jennifer Gordon, Valentina Arcila, Ashley Kral

February 19, 2020

From February 4-6th, eight BSC students in the Entertainment Management program traveled to Beverly Hills, California to attend the 31st annual Pollstar Live! 2020 conference  the music industry's largest gathering for entertainment professionals in the U.S. 

Every year the convention invites 5-6 schools from the entire nation to help run the event. Schools are selected based on the merit of their programs and students pertaining to this industry. Typically, most schools are only allowed to bring on 5-6 students to participate in this convention. However, since our BSC students have left great impressions year after year, we have been invited to bring on more students each year. Participating Industry professionals are aware of the efforts our students contribute to help run this event and do look out for them throughout, offering jobs and internships to those that impress them. Most if not all of our students end up leaving the convention with a handful of exciting offers to choose from! 

This year in particular, the convention was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. This consisted of panel discussions focusing on current trends and challenges faced in live music. Highlights of the sessions included women on the road in the music industry, sponsorship and talent buying, changes and emerging markets in the production business, etc. During this trip, BSC students also had the opportunity to network and gain invaluable insights from the industry's top executives, professionals, and entertainment artists across the country. Special guest speakers included Nicki Minaj, Irving Azoff, Chris Young, and Scott Stapp, just to name a few.