Clubs and Organizations

You’ll quickly realize that not all of our learning happens inside the classroom at Bay State. We offer a host of clubs and organizations for you to choose from, so you can meet new people with similar interests or try something new. Whether your passion is gaming, music, community service, or writing, the opportunities to participate are limitless! View the calendar here.

The following is a list of the many clubs and organizations we have on campus:

  • Community O's (O's)
  • Fashion Council
  • The Bulldog Pride
  • PTA Club
  • Peer Ambassadors Welcoming Society (P.A.W.S.)
  • Justice Society
  • Gamers Guild
  • The Melodies
  • DECA
  • Audio Engineering Society (AES)

Is something you want missing from this list? We’ll provide you the support you need to start a new club or organization. Contact the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership at (617) 217-9228, or visit us in-person at 31 St. James Avenue, on the second floor.


How do I start a new organization?

If any student of Bay State College is interested in establishing a new student organization, that said student must make an appointment with the Assistant Director of Student Involvement & Leadership to go over the appropriate steps.

Who can serve as an advisor for my organization?

Each student organization must have a faculty/staff advisor who is employed by the College on at least a half-time basis.

Is there anything specific I need to include for my event flyer?

All flyers must be electronically or physically stamped by the Assistant Director of Student Involvement & Leadership; all promotional and marketing material should include the following:

  1. Date/Time/Location of Event
  2. Name of Student Organization
  3. No profanity or copyright material
  4. Possibly any contact information


How do I maintain my organization to stay active?

Each student organization that is recognized by the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership and Bay State College must complete the re-registration form by the 2nd Friday of October. Additionally, if any members transition into new positions, the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership must be notified of the change.