Last week's victories prep Esports for upcoming matches

By Bay State College on May 5, 2022

Congratulations to our Esports team on a successful weekend!
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Overwatch won the Boston Uprising Collegiate Cup and on Saturday, April 30th.  Their 2-0 victory over UMASS Amherst was a precursor to their 3-0 win over the University of Texas Dallas. Avani "Infernal" Ramoutar had the play of the series having a 5-man D.VA ultimate on Dallas securing Map 2 on King's Row. They were giving a large trophy and $1,200 split evenly among the students. 

Overwatch also played in the ECAC National Championship vs.  Savanna College of Art and Design where the team won 4-1.  The team rallied behind Daniel "Depresso" Jimenez securing their victory and with an undefeated record in ECAC 12-0 with a map score of 37-4. 

Super Smash Bros
Super Smash won NACE National Championship over the University of Texas Austin the match was won in a convincing fashion 3-0, 5-0. The team didn't lose a single match the entire year in this competition staying fully undefeated throughout going 17-0, with 113 stock deferential. Sonix was named MVP of the series closing out Game 1 in dominating fashion and starting game two off with an 8-3 lead. 

Call of Duty
After a tough and close battle in the NACE National Championship, Call of Duty unfortunately fell to Northwood. Call of Duty will play Northwood again in the CCL finals. 

League of Legends
League of Legends had an important 2-1 victory over St. Louis University, sending them to the Top 8 finals which will be held in Los Angeles this June. Standout performances from Tahyun "Sophist Sage" Min and Roodman "Seranok" Moron. After winning game 1 in 31 minutes, with a 6,000 gold lead, the team fell in game 2 in roughly the same time. Game 3 started slow, but after a winning play from Gerardo "Bejjaniii" Bejani, they rallied sending them to LA where they will face UCI for a spot in the Top 4.