Why Boston—Yes, Boston—Is a Great Place to Study Fashion

By on February 28, 2019

From access to great companies to trend inspiration, this college town is a great place to prepare for a stylish career.

When you think of fashion, you probably think of Milan! Paris! New York! But…Boston? Not so much. But if you’re considering a career in the fashion business, Boston could be a great choice.






“There’s a lot of opportunity here in Massachusetts,” explains Andrea York, head of the Fashion Merchandising program at Bay State College, in Back Bay. For York’s students, Boston offers an opportunity to enjoy a lower cost of living while taking advantage of access to local fashion businesses that might be out of reach in New York City. The possibilities are vast and exciting, because Boston offers advantages in:

  • Fashion and technology. With MIT around the corner, fashion companies in Boston have access to innovative ideas and cutting-edge creations. “We’re finding a lot of innovative apps, we’re finding a lot of innovative textiles, we’re finding a lot of collaboration between tech and fashion,” York says. “The only other place like it is Silicon Valley. Having tech-oriented fashion is very, very exciting.”
  • Access to great companies. Boston is home to several fashion corporate offices. “Our students are able to get jobs,” York says, pointing out that for immediate employment options, Boston is a great choice. “We are really dedicated to placing our students.” 
  • Professional preparation. The Bay State fashion program is about being ready to work, first and foremost. “We are committed to creating a curriculum to make sure that each class they take adds value and isn’t a filler class,” York explains. “Even if they are taking a spreadsheet class, they must know spreadsheets in order to be successful in the industry.”
  • Inspiration. Boston has a great, vibrant energy that keeps Bay State College students filled with ideas. “This is a huge college town,” York says. “You can see little trends emerging just by watching the students.”

Bay State College’s Fashion Merchandising program makes the most of its Boston location, because it’s focused on providing students with professional preparation for real-world jobs. “I want students to come away with employable skills,” York says. “I want them to be able to step into any corporate office in any fashion industry and I want them to be able to be employable and to understand how to add value to a company.” With a great location in Back Bay, with easy access to Newbury Street and corporate offices alike, Bay State College’s fashion merchandising program is laser-focused on a practical future.