Why Bay State?

By Nicole Dembkoski on April 2, 2013

What makes Bay State stand out in the large city of Boston with all the various education available to students?


Bay State is a small, private, career-focused college right in the heart of Boston!

Being a small college definitely has it's advantages for students and faculty alike. As a small college, everything is more personable from the peers you see every day to the professors that are able to interact with you. At large scale colleges that Boston offers, you are lost in a crowd of your peers as a student and you rarely, if ever, get to meet your professors or even ask for help.

Here at Bay State College, you can get that help that you need. Professors are available to meet with you if you need help. They know if you are struggling in class and how they can help ensure that you not only pass, but come out with a better understanding of your own personal weaknesses in that particular subject.

You meet your advisers to help keep you going in the right direction with not only what classes you're taking, but what you want to do when you're done with school. Advisers are a guiding light to assist you through your entire stay at Bay State, unlike at the other schools around Boston where you may not always even get to meet your adviser.

Another good thing is that you genuinely know your peers. Being at a small school allows you to really interact with people all around you because you will ultimately see most of them constantly!

Bay State allows you the benefit of a career-focused education without you being just another number. Here at Bay State, you're a person with a name and a dream career you hope to reach one day. And here you are allowed to shine and show off your talents and skills in all sorts of ways.

Striving after a good education while living the life of a big city school without being lost among the masses?

Bay State is the right choice.