What to Do with a Concentration in Marketing Management

By on January 22, 2020

The digital era is transforming marketing. Everything from how companies approach consumer research to the paths they use to target and build relationships with customers is now fueled by technology. That evolution means Bay State College graduates with a Concentration in Marketing can look forward to strong job prospects. 

In recognition of the ever-widening role that digital tools and mediums now play in marketing, Bay State recently revamped its marketing concentration to focus on digital tools and technology, says Oscar Gutierrez, Chair of the Management Department and Dean of Faculty at Bay State College. "Going back 10 to 20 years, sales promotion, advertising, and marketing research were your standard marketing courses," he explains. "Today, a lot of the focus in marketing is on developing social media campaigns and on leveraging data analysis to both target potential customers and measure the impact of brand messaging more effectively. That's opened a lot of opportunities for individuals who understand things like search engine optimization and analytics."

Many established companies are grappling with the need to bring marketing departments steeped in traditional tactics up to speed on these growing and critical areas, says Gutierrez. Educated on marketing before Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter even existed, current marketing executives are actively seeking to round out their teams by recruiting college grabs with digital marketing skills.

As a result, a concentration in Digital Marketing will position you for many potential careers, including:

  • SEO Manager: As a Search Engine Optimization Manager, you'll draw on the digital marketing skills you honed at Bay State to help your company plan, implement, and manage its content strategy. You'll work to identify and stay current on the keywords that your company's target audience use and to plan their strategic placement to drive traffic to its social media posts and web content.
  • Content Marketing Specialist: If your strength is creativity, you may enjoy the brand storytelling role of content marketing. In this role, you will be charged with developing compelling articles, videos and other elements that will capture the attention of consumers and deliver your company's message in memorable ways. You'll work closely with editors, writers, and art directors to create interesting content of relevance to visitors.
  • Social Media Manager: A love of social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook, along with interest in online engagement are huge pluses for a career as a Social Media Manager. You'll need to stay up with speed on an ever-evolving list of social media outlets, as well as the most effective tactics for engaging in them. You'll also work closely with content marketing specialists and SEO managers, not only to produce posts seeking to drive interest in a company or product but also to develop a coordinated cross-platform distribution strategy.
  • Digital Marketing Manager: As a Digital Marketing Manager charged with managing overall content strategy, you'll develop campaigns aimed at building brand awareness and reaching new customers across platforms. You'll draw on the analytics skills you developed at Bay State to create a digital cross-platform distribution strategy, as well as to measure and analytics effectiveness.

These are just a few of many career paths open to students with a Management Degree with a Concentration in Digital Marketing, says Gutierrez. "There is a great deal of opportunity in this evolving field."