Welcome to the Future: Web and Mobile Development

By Bay State College on November 23, 2016

The time to enter into the web and mobile world is now. Nearly all organizations have a web and mobile presence, and our new Web and Mobile Development concentration helps students enter the field with a strong foundation. 

Bay State College’s new Web and Mobile Development concentration is focused on user experience. Today, students have developed a great interest in technology, but they are also interested in how people use technology. In the end, the idea is to combine people and technology, and bring out the best in them.

The Web and Mobile Development concentration aims to provide students with an operational approach to gain an understanding in acquiring and managing information resources and applications. Students learn a user-friendly approach to creating new web and mobile applications, and will leave with a strong foundation in global communication, user interaction and digital technologies. 

Benefits of Bay State College’s program

The opportunities in the IT development industry continue to grow as more website and mobile applications are being invented today. With this in mind, there is a demand for more web and mobile development professionals.

 The Web and Mobile Development concentration provides students with a chance to gain essential programming and problem solving skills, along with techniques that are applicable to the IT industry. The concentration is designed to help students in grouping courses together to allow them to specialize in a specific field.

Why Enroll in This Program at Bay State College?

Well, being a college that offers IT courses, the school has professors who are ready to share their knowledge and real world experiences with you, and will spend time instilling the best skillset in this industry. Listen and learn their expertise in web design and development to maintain a competitive advantage in the growing industry, along with the ability to implement solutions and apply them in the mobile web industry. 

The program will help you to determine ways to implement data using database management systems. You will also learn the best ways to go about creating, designing and modifying computer applications to meet individual needs of an organization.