Waitlisted for Your Nursing Program? You Don’t Have to Wait!

By on May 11, 2018

Whether you were waitlisted on your way to getting your RN, you have an RN and you’re interested in a BSN, or you’re just now seeing how becoming a nurse could be a great next step, there are a lot of great reasons to consider a degree in nursing at Bay State College. A nursing degree can be life-changing. “I began my career as an associate’s prepared RN,” says Cheryl McInerney, MSN, RN-BC, and dean of Nursing and Health Sciences at Bay State College. “I had children and work and all of those things, so I understand the struggle of balancing. But my nursing education was a two-year investment in the rest of my life and my children’s lives.”  

Within six months of finishing their degrees, graduates of Bay State College’s Associate Degree in Nursing program (ADN) have a 100% job placement rate. Bay State College offers a two-year full-time ADN program with small classes and terrific teacher-to-student ratios right in Boston. The school also offers an RN to BSN degree in the evening and online. You can even combine the programs and earn your RN and BSN at Bay State College after graduating with your associate degree! Here’s what you need to know: 

What You Need 

  • For the associate degree: a 2.7 GPA and at least a 65 overall on the Test of Essential Academic Skill (TEAS), with a 70 on the reading comprehension subscore. You’ll also need to have taken a science lab course sometime in the past five years and gotten at least a C. 
  • For RN to BSN: to have graduated from an ADN program and have a valid, unencumbered RN license. 

What You Get 

  • The two-year ADN program culminates in the NCLEX—for which you get free tutoring and preparation from day one—and a Registered Nursing license. 
  • The two-year RN to BSN program culminates in a Bachelor of Science in nursing.  
  • Seamless transition between the two programs—if you’re in the ADN program, once you pass the NCLEX you can register for RN to BSN courses 
  • Free health and wellness counseling throughout the program 
  • Free tutoring on any subject you need support in 
  • Open labs for students who need extra help learning clinical skills 
  • A nursing faculty member as an advisor 

If you’ve been thinking about a nursing degree and are anxious to make it happen, you should consider Bay State College. Waiting another year means another year before you sit for your boards, before you start earning a nurse’s salary, and before you begin the adventure of a rewarding nursing career. “Bay State offers the college experience,” McInerney says. “We have dorms; we have a great student life program—in Boston, which is an awesome college city! I really feel like we’re an unknown jewel.”