Transfer Students Join Our Community

By on January 20, 2020

It's never easy to start over at a new school, so the staff at Bay State College works hard to welcome, guide, and yes, even push transfer students to find their footing.

Cesar Lazare Jr. transferred to Bay State College from Pittsburgh State University in 2017. "I was originally in game design over there, but majoring in it was taking the fun out of it," he says. "So I switched over to management with a fashion concentration here." He wondered if the same problem would arise when studying fashion. "It hasn't, and I think that's partly because of my advisor." He asked his Advisor to give him blunt criticism, "so she is always encouraging me, telling me I can do better than what I originally gave her." She also helped him land an internship.

Lazare was initially nervous at the prospect of transferring. "It meant doing everything over again - the orientation, the admissions. But you could tell from the beginning how tightly knit the community was here. Everyone knows each other. We're all around to help each other. Even the President is walking around, checking on people. I didn't meet my President at Pittsburgh. I barely knew my advisor there."

Gaylicita Paul also started out at a larger school, studying nursing at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida. "It got to the point where, when I needed help, I couldn't find anyone to help me, because there were too many students," she says. At Bay State College, "I feel like I focus more and learn a lot more in a small environment. At a big school, you may see a person once a week or once a month. I see most of the students every single day."

The same goes for the Bay State staff, Paul says. "They were all very welcome. Before I came, Dustin Martin, [Assistant Director of Residence Life & Student Success] gave me the contact information for my roommates, so I could talk to them before I met them. I'm a shy person, so meeting new people is not something I do a lot, but he made it easy for me. Instead of me sitting in my room, he'd tell me to go to the common room to meet people."

Paul also credits the Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, for her support. "She gave me a list of things to do in Boston, which helped me a lot because I didn't know where to go or what to do. She always has some kind of fun event at the school, which helps relieve stress. I feel better here."

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