Tips to Prepare For Job Interviews During COVID-19

By Bay State College on November 20, 2020

Virtual interviewing is not a new activity for hiring managers but with the recent pandemic, many have shifted to virtual options. This can be a convenient option for both employers and job seekers. It can eliminate commuting into the office and alleviate the stress of navigating to the location. Job seekers should consider the following tips to prepare for their virtual interviews.    

  • Uninterrupted and Quite Location  

Consider the environment where you will be having your virtual interview. With more people working from home due to the pandemic, it is a candidate who will be at home when virtually interviewing. If you live with pets, children, or other people, make sure you choose a quiet space where you are uninterrupted for 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the type of interview. If possible, let other people know that you will be in an interview, lock or place a sign on the door as a reminder, ask others to occupy children or pets if possible, or relocate to another environment such as a work office or library.  

  • Choose a simple background 

Your virtual background should be free from distractions, clean, and clear. Most remote meeting applications have a default setting you can choose from. If not, consider using a divider that you can create from a tension rod, portable or expandable clothing rack with curtains or sheets.  

  • Test equipment before you interview 

If your virtual interview is done over video conferencing, you should test your equipment and settings prior to the interview. Test your settings to make sure the volume is on and set to a level where others can hear, the camera is working, and your background image is set and/or in view. You can request and schedule a mock interview with Career Services to test run and make sure everything is in order and the person on the receiving end can see and hear your response clearly. 

  • Do your homework to prepare 

The interview process can vary depending on the organization and job seekers may receive a phone screening or pre-interview prior to a virtual interview. Employers may choose to use different platforms for a virtual interview (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype), make sure you diversify your knowledge and become comfortable using more than one. Make sure you ask appropriate questions about the process, role, company culture. If you are unsure about what questions you can and cannot ask, schedule a meeting with Career Services at or 617-217-9216 to help prepare you.