This BSC Fashion Grad Is the Happiest Alumna on Earth

By on November 18, 2016

Alumna Dimanne Mota’s eyes light up when she talks about her job, and it’s no wonder why—she works at the happiest place on earth. After graduating from Bay State College’s fashion program in June, she packed her bags and left Boston to join the Disney College Program.

Dimanne now works at Hollywood Studios maintaining and issuing costumes for shows like March of the First Order, Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, and Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage.

“Putting on the Bay State College fashion show, you learn how to be quick on your feet, and that’s what I do now over at Disney,” she explained. “When things don’t go as planned, I know how to respond to it because I’ve actually organized fashion shows, and I can relate everything back to that.”


Last month, Dimanne organized the Halloween Fall Festival for SPARK, the official cast recognition organization for Jedi Training cast members. She attributes her successful contribution to the event to her leadership experience in the Bay State College Fashion Council, where she served as president her senior year.

Dimanne sees herself at the top of the ladder in the Disney costume department, too. After her program ends in May, she plans on transferring to a part-time position, then a full-time one, after which she’ll work her way up to be a trainer, coordinator, and manager.

“There are so many opportunities that have come out of this school and this program for me,” she says. “I would have never applied to the Disney College Program or even known about it if I didn’t come to Bay State. Everything I did from the fashion shows, to the visual displays, to the jobs I had—I would have never done if it wasn’t for Bay State College. If you’re thinking of joining the Bay State fashion program, I say go for it!”

Like Disney World, it’s a place where dreams come true!