This A Capella Group Strives to Make BSC History With First College Anthem

By Bay State College on September 18, 2017

It's true that music often brings people together, and here at Bay State College, the newly founded A Capella group aims to do just that. Started in the spring semester of the 2016-2017 school year, the Bay State Melodies have been working hard and dreaming big. Their newest venture – writing an alma mater for BSC with help from the student body – shows not only their dedication to being an integral part of the school's community, but also their ambition in leaving their mark on Bay State.  

For current members, The Melodies group is seen as a space for many things.  "As a musician and an Entertainment Management student, being in this group helps remind me of the work that I want to and need to be doing in order to work in the music industry. I want to work with other singers, and pick up tips that will help me get my foot in the door," said member and Treasurer Elie Simmons. 

Member Kiersten Johanson views the club as an outlet for expression. "I was involved in A Capella and chorus ever since I can remember, and being in The Melodies helps me stay in touch with my creative side."  

Tracey Daleus, Director and founder of The Melodies, aims to use the group as a way for students to enjoy music, make friends, and improve skills. "It's basically all of us trying to be together and have fun while singing and improving our voices." 

How to Get Involved 

The Melodies are on a mission to write a Bay State College Anthem. But, they need the help of the student body to ensure the anthem encapsulates the community-oriented atmosphere that Bay State presents. 

Interested in contributing your ideas? The Melodies will have a table at the Fall Involvement Fair this Tuesday, September 19th in the 31 Lobby during Prime Time. They will be there with a box for students to write down lyrics and themes they think represent Bay State. Can't think of anything in the moment? The box will be available in the 437 building in the weeks following the fair. Any and all ideas are welcome, as long as they are appropriate, fun, and true to the values of BSC.  

Join the Bay State Melodies! 

Students who wish to join or learn more about the Bay State Melodies can contact Director Tracey Daleus at, or Advisor Zachary Tripsas at Or, just show up to a meeting! Rehearsals are currently scheduled for every Tuesday during Prime Time in The Spot.