There’s No Business Like Show Business

By on November 26, 2018


Danna Clayton wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life - then she discovered Entertainment Management.

Danna Clayton graduated from
Bay State College’s Entertainment Management program in 2014. Since then, she’s landed jobs at the Xfinity Center and 191 Touring in Nashville, where she is currently employed. We talked with her about her career in the music industry, and how Bay State College helped her get there.



Bay State College: How did you decide to major in Entertainment Management at Bay State?

Danna Clayton: I took an intro to the music industry class when I was at community college, and I just fell in love with the course and the type of work. I decided that was what I wanted to do, so I researched schools that had a major for entertainment management and that’s how I discovered Bay State.


BSC: What did you like about it?

DC: The classes are really small. You get to know your professors. Even the other professors I worked with outside of the music classes do a good job at making sure that you feel comfortable. They know your name and they know a little bit about you, that makes it much easier when you need to ask questions or you need help.


BSC: What was your favorite thing about the EM program?

DC: I loved how practical the coursework was. We were never given busywork or anything that was not current in industry standards, so when I graduated and went into the real world it was an easy transition.


BSC: How is your BSC EM degree helping you now?

DC: When I graduated Bay State, I worked for LiveNation New England at the Xfinity Center out in Mansfield. I wouldn’t have gotten that job if it hadn’t been for Bay State—they really opened the door for me. I worked there for a couple of years and then decided that I wanted to make the move to Nashville, and the experience and the connections I had made through that job allowed me to get the job where I’m at now. I work for an independent concert promoter—we book shows all around the country. I do day to day operations stuff like HR and payroll but I also do the artist contracts and travel with shows—I have so many things I do at my job!


BSC: What would you say to someone trying to decide whether to go to BSC and major in EM?

DC: Honestly, I would recommend it to anyone that is seriously interested in having this as a career. The school prepares you for the real world. You also have to understand that it’s a very hard industry to get into, and that it’s definitely not easy the first couple of years. But as long as you combine your skill set with a strong work ethic, I think it’s the perfect match for someone who wants to make this their career.