Taunton Native Applies Bay State College Studies to Local Community

By on September 30, 2016

KellyMartin Ceme has deep roots in the Taunton, MA community.

He grew up there. He plays for the Taunton Gladiators, a semi-pro football team, and coaches youth football. He knows a lot of the parents and kids from the city. And he's participated in not one, not two, but three Bay State College business programs at the school's Taunton location – from an associate, to a bachelor's, to a master's degree.

It's no surprise that two of KellyMartin's favorite things about Bay State College are the family vibe, and the opportunity to take what he's learned in class and apply it to his community.

"Working while going to school – it's the best way to learn," he claims. "If you learn and try to memorize all of that information, you're only going to retain so much. If you apply something right away, and get to experience it, you don't forget that."

As "teachable moments" arise at Bay State College at Taunton, the faculty and staff there jump on the opportunity to involve their students.

When Bay State considered implementing hybrid courses at the Taunton location, KellyMartin and his classmates thought that wouldn't be the best fit for their community. They visited Taunton classes and conducted a live survey, then presented their findings to executive staff at both the Taunton location and the college's main campus in Boston. They applied what they learned in class, and it resulted in real changes at their school.

When Taunton Mayor Thomas C. Hoye Jr. implemented a #thisisTaunton rebranding contest this year, Bay State College at Taunton followed suit. In one of his business classes, KellyMartin studied organization branding, and then created a slogan, logo and narrative that could one day play a critical role in the economic growth of his own city.

Most notably, KellyMartin has used what he's learned in his Bay State College courses to start a business.

"I've always wanted to open my own business," he said. "Being in school at Bay State College, I get one-on-one time with professors, and break down every part of a business and its structures. Everything I learn in class I can immediately apply to my business. Expenses, revenue, accounts payable, you name it. I've learned so much from the people around me here - they've inspired me."

NUME Custom Productions (pronounced "New-Me") is an advertising and printing company that provides services and consulting in apparel design, banners and signs, stickers, websites, graphic design and more. The name NUME, KellyMartin says, is an acronym that stands for Never Underestimate My Ethics.

"It's all about working hard, having morales and principles, and delivering positive energy out into the world, because it's all going to come back to you. NUME is actually building a new YOU, stepping up to the challenge, and being a better you, every day. It speaks for itself."

KellyMartin credits the success and progress of his business to the faculty, staff and students at Bay State College. "People always ask me, 'How'd you get started?' And I say, "It's my school. It's just so inspirational here. Sure I'm driven, and my career is mine, but there's something about this place.'"

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