Taunton in the Spotlight

By on January 15, 2019

After 23 years in Middleborough, Bay State College moved its satellite location to Taunton in 2012, knowing that its convenience and strong faculty would be a draw. What they couldn’t know at the time was how the location’s sense of community and strong student support would form a new, welcoming culture. What’s so great about Taunton? How about…





The Programs: The Taunton location has a rich array of evening programs and classes, including 

The Students: Bay State College students make Taunton a supportive and welcoming place. A wide variety of students seem to thrive there, particularly those who served in the Armed Services. “We have a large population of veterans coming in as students,” says Renae Runnels, Director of Admissions at Bay State Taunton. “They really adapt well in the small campus setting.” She noted students come from a range of backgrounds. Some students are adults who’ve been out of school for quite some time, others are full-time workers looking for a new career or skills, and everyone in between. “Some of our most successful students are the students that didn’t think they could do it,” Runnels says. “And they end up graduating at the top of their class, some even going on for master’s degrees.”

The Faculty: Another crucial ingredient of the Taunton location is the faculty, who work hard to support and engage the students. Taunton is a small campus, with approximately 160 students enrolled in night classes, but this small size, Runnels says, helps students and faculty bond. “There is a strong sense of belonging,” Runnels says. “We know everybody by their first name. It’s just amazing how much support we’re able to provide for everybody.”

The Community: Runnels values the community that students, faculty and administration have created. “With small class sizes, it’s a one-stop shop,” Runnels says. “Everything is located right here.” She cherishes the warm feeling people have brought, and views Taunton as a hidden gem. “A lot of people still don’t know we’re here,” Runnels says. “The truth is, you don’t have to go far for a good quality education, and for people that don’t want the larger college setting, this can be a perfect fit.”