Strut your way down the catwalk!

By on April 11, 2013

Tonight at 8 pm sharp the curtain goes up and the fashion comes alive!

Fashion students have been working hard all semester towards the annual fashion show that Bay State puts on. Ten senior design students, with the help of underclassmen merchandising students, have put together a fashion show to show off their style and everything they've learned and accomplished while here at Bay State!

The show is always a hit! It's run by the students for the students. The models for the show are students here at Bay State as well. Making the entire production from the clothes to running it are all on our fashion students. And it's never a let down!

This is a fun venture into the fashion world for a night! You never know just what you'll get to see coming down that runway.

Our Senior Designers:

  • Tyshawn Richards
  • Jasmine Garcia
  • Rylee Hutchins
  • Terqueena Heraldo
  • Jason Pazmino
  • Taisha Hicks
  • Mark Lisavich
  • Shikira Bellamy
  • Tomika Randall
  • Haley Nace

Check out what our designers had to say about the fashion show here! And we'll see you tonight!

Bay State College Fashion Show: THE CUT
Dorothy Quincy Suite
8pm start time!

Don't miss out!!