Service Learning Trip to London - Day 5

By on March 14, 2014

As part of the Service Learning trip to London, our students are expected to write daily reflections on their experience.  The group is now on day 5, and is getting into the heart of their research of the U.K. Justice System. 

Today is our fifth day of the service learning trip, and we have accomplished so much. In the past couple of days we have met with several organizations and have learned a lot about the criminal justice system in London. We visited the Central Criminal Court, also known as Old Bailey, on a tour of the royal courts of London. We were able to observe a murder trial that included a jury. The barristers and solicitors wore wigs and cloaks during the trial, which has been a tradition for many years. It was very interesting sitting in on this trial and observing the differences in their court procedures compared to the United States. This service learning trip has been a great learning experience so far. -Katherine I.

Surprisingly, the weather in London today was perfect, warm and sunny all day. This trip has been a great experience - meet new people, experience a new culture, and learn things I'll be able to take back to the classroom.  I would recommend every student get involved in a trip like this. -Rob B.

Another gorgeous day in London! The weather was fantastic for our tour of The Justice of the Courts.  Today we were able to sit in on a few of London's criminal court proceedings at the Old Bailey Court.  One of the high profile cases we sat in on was a wire tapping that took place here in London.  The second case we heard was a murder case with three young males.  The court system is very different from the U.S.  For example, in London they have Barrister Lawyers and Solicitor Lawyers. We learned that the Solicitor Lawyers only prepared and reviewed the criminal cases and the Barrister lawyers presented the cases in court. An of course, we all found it interesting that the judges wore wigs. The tradition is so rich here. -Tiffany G.

Another really great day in London.  Our tour guides have been exceptional and we were able to sit in on both a high profile wire tapping case involving Tony Blair and a murder trial.  Our students were able to see the best of the London legal system in action.  Tomorrow we will be heading to the Sherlock Holmes museum to study one of the earliest examples of public fascination with criminal justice process. - Professor William Morrissette