Rave Reviews for Semester-Long Service Learning Project

By on December 12, 2013

Projects, homework, and tests; It’s the nature of being a student. But not all projects are created equal.  Just ask our Entertainment Management students in this semester’s Event Management Class. These students just completed a semester long project that culminated in the production of a benefit concert at Brighton Music Hall featuring Deleasa. 

The project was set up for two reasons.  Organizing this concert allowed students to get hands on experience in all things Entertainment Management, from booking the artist to marketing to running the actual event.  It was also meant to show students the importance of social responsibility within the industry by partnering with the well-know and popular brand Life is Good to raise money for their Kids Foundation.

The program was a great success and just one of many Service Learning projects that takes place at Bay State College. You don’t have to take our word for it, though.  Here are some thoughts from some of our students and from the people at Life is Good.

 “I understand why students have come back and said that this was the most important class they took while attending Bay State College.  It is the base of what most of the students in the EM Program want to do with their lives; being involved with events.  To be exposed to all areas of planning an event and seeing how each area interacts with another is a very valuable experience.”  - Entertainment Management student, Daniel Linik

“This class did show me the power that music has in association with raising money for charities.  I think that it sparked my interested in pursuing a job with a non-profit music organization.  This was one of the most practical and useful projects that I have ever been a part of in my educational career.”- Entertainment Management student, Danna Clayton

 “The idea that our semester-long project, not only taught us what it is like to plan and execute a concert on a professional level but also will help children struggling with violence, poverty and illness is an exceptional feeling; with that in mind it becomes easier to really celebrate all that our class accomplished this semester.  I know we were able to make a difference with our work, which is an incredibly rewarding feeling.”- Entertainment Management student, Liz Steele

“We were all so impressed with your class and all that the students accomplished.  Their professionalism and enthusiasm was so great to be around.  All of us were raving afterwards.  It is such a great class with an amazing learning environment.”- Life is Good