Nursing Student Committed to Health of Bay State College Community

By on October 28, 2016

Bay State College has partnered with Walgreen’s Pharmacy to host an annual flu clinic for the past three years. Shaun McNeil, a member of the Class of 2017, has organized the collaboration between Bay State College and Walgreen’s.

Shaun worked closely with Jeremy Shepard, the Assistant Dean of Students at Bay State College, getting authorization for flu clinic, ordering handouts and supplies for the clinic, and publicizing it to students. Shaun participated the day of the clinic by helping students and staff fill out the Vaccine Administration Record, addressing question/concerns about the vaccine, and introducing them to the pharmacist who gives the immunization.

Faculty member Mary Ellen Boisvert said,

Shaun demonstrated strong leadership skills through organizing the flu clinic. He greeted each person with a genuine smile that is typical of Shaun! He facilitated the process so it was easy and efficient. Shaun's commitment to the health of the Bay State community is appreciated!

Bay State Nursing gives a shout out to Shaun McNeil for his commitment to the health of the school community! Thank you, Shaun!