New Health & Mindfulness Series

By Bay State College on January 8, 2021

One of the most important factors to success is taking care of your mind and body. Based on the book, The New Science of Learning by Terry Doyle and Todd Zakrajsek, the authors state, “One of the most important new insights into how the human brain learns is that it needs to be able and ready to learn if it is to work at its best. Showing up to class without proper sleep, and without regular exercise and without eating or hydrating will cause your brain to operate inefficiently, making learning even more difficult.”

This year, Bay State College is launching a new semester-long series designed to give you information on how to keep both your mind and body in shape. Each month, Megan Delano, BSC’s Mental Health Counselor, and Max Martin, BSC’s Esports Assistant Coach, who is also a certified personal trainer, will work together to provide you healthy tips via our Instagram account and present a monthly webinar covering topics related to health and mindfulness. 

Stayed connected by following our Instagram account @BayStateCollege for new information every week. We will also be sending out monthly email invites for you to participate in our Webinar series to learn more about enhancing your health and mindfulness to benefit both your studies and your life. Please stay tuned for more details.