My Bay State Internship: Rockin' It at Red 13

By Bay State College on May 3, 2018

For Bay State College students, internships are more than coffee runs and endless copies. Bay State students engage in opportunities that apply to their education, allow them to network and provide them with a valuable understanding of the business and industry setting. My Bay State Internship series offers a glance at what students are achieving off campus by putting classroom theories into practice.     





Name: David Duhart 

Major: Entertainment Management, Audio Production Concentration 

Internship: Red 13 Studios 

How did you land your internship? 

A close friend of mine knew the owner of Red 13. He had brought me to the studio multiple times. Then, one day they found out I was studying Entertainment and Audio and it was fate. 

What were your duties as an intern? What was a typical day like? 

As they got to know and trust me, I was able to take a more proactive approach with everyday tasks and assisted in things that require little or no instruction. For example, I helped maintain an orderly studio which then lead to organizing inventory assets, acting as assistant engineer for a metal album, and as location sound engineer for music video production, just to name a few. 

What important skills did you gain? 

I learned about project pre-planning, audio/video post-production and client communication techniques. 

What did your internship teach you about the real world that you might not have learned in school? 

Client management requires patience and vision. You need to take time to listen and know when your opinion is valued. 

What was your biggest accomplishment as an intern? 

I was recently asked to help transport studio equipment from L.A. to Boston. 

What advice would you give to someone interning with this company or a similar one? 

It takes time to find your place. If you're patient, focused, and willing to sacrifice, you will find reward in any internship.