My Bay State Clinical: Physical Therapy

By Kristin Hayes on July 24, 2020

At Bay State College, our students have endless opportunities to experience an internship or clinical rotation, each designed to enhance their academic program. These experiences offer meaningful, practical, and relevant exposure to a student's chosen field of student. Bay State College students engage in opportunities that complement their career goals, allowing for increased networking opportunities, along with a solid understanding of the challenges affecting their industry. 

Name: Christopher Zamora '20
Program: Physical Therapist Assistant

What do you enjoy about the Physical Therapist Assistant program?
I really enjoy learning skills in the classroom and then being able to employ them out in the real world. Learning skills and then actually using them to treat patients is a really great experience.

What is your favorite thing about the PTA program?
My favorite thing about the Physical Therapist Assistant program is the amount of hands on modalities that we learn in class. Things like joint mobilizations, stretching and soft tissue massage techniques are all valuable skills that you can constantly be improving to better treat patients.

What is your current clinical for the academic program?
My current clinical is at National Physical Therapy in Brockton, MA.

What are some of your responsibilities for your clinical?
My responsibilities for this clinical as a student are to treat patients as if I was a licensed PTA. This clinical rotation is my second, meaning I am expected to be at a higher level of competency than a first-year student. By the end of this clinical, I should be treating a full caseload of patients and should be considered "entry level."

What skills are you gaining during this experience?
While working with patients in an outpatient setting, I use a lot of hands on techniques such as soft tissue mobilization and stretching. Exercise prescription is also a very large part of treating patients. Choosing the right exercises and making them easier or harder is critical to treating patients and helping them get stronger. The ability to education patients is also critical in helping them get better. 

What has been your favorite moment from your clinical, so far?
My favorite moment so far had to be when a patient I treated told me how much better he felt after I worked with him. This type of feedback from patients' is what makes this profession so worthwhile.

What advice do you have for someone interning with this company or a similar one?
Be confident and take initiative, but also ask plenty of questions when unsure about something. Practice skills or techniques with your clinical instructor or co-workers, it is a great way to refine skills and provide feedback with skills you may be uncomfortable with.

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