Meet Smash Bros. Ace: Carlos "Sonix" Perez

By Bay State College on March 1, 2022

Carlos “Sonix” Perez is a member of our Bay State Esports team who has achieved a successful career in Smash Bros. He is ranked Top 25 in NA, Top 35 in the world, and #2 in the world for online tournaments. He recently finished 9th at the world championship in December defeating Dabuz (10th in the world), Tweek (3rdin the world), Maister (7th in the world), and Chag (24th in the world) losing to Protobanham (4th in the world). He also has wins over MkLeo, the definitive #1 in the world for over two years. Sonix has an all-time 85.84% win-rate (1849-305) in tournament sets.  


His career began simply in 2016, playing Smash with his good friend. He said that he would always beat this friend when they played, but one day his friend bought the newest Smash Bros. and beat Carlos. This motivated Carlos to do anything he could to defeat his friend. He studied the top players, practiced constantly, and watched videos on game play. After implementing these strategies into his own game play, he eventually defeated his friend. This drive and determination carried Perez through his career, as he continued to play Smash and says his improvement was noticeable. He made his way through the ranks in Smash Ladder, from there playing in online tournaments in the region and kept at it until he became the phenomenal player he is today.  


Despite his great success, Carlos remains a humble and grounded person and player. When asked what he liked most about being a member of the Bay State Esports team, he replied, “You get to be a part of something bigger. It’s not just a couple guys playing games, it’s a bunch of people creating bonds in the process. Getting to know each other and make memories and experiences will stick with you for life”. His favorite professional Esports player is MkLeo, because he “admires the way he’s able to keep his composure at all times. His winning record is impressive, his determination to get better at every aspect of the game is admirable”. Most of all, Perez likes that MkLeo is a humble and down to earth player who doesn’t brag or have an ego.  


Carlos has even interacted with some of his favorite players, notably he played doubles with 6wx, a player he has always looked up to and modeled his game play after. He considers this one of the top memories of his Esports experience, saying “Becoming good enough that I was competent enough to team up with him made me feel very accomplished and fulfilled”. While Carlos has achieved many of his goals, he still has more ahead to reach. This upcoming season he would like to “bring the championship home, win every crew battle possible, take as many stocks as possible, beat as many players as I can, and have fun along the way.” His love for the game always shines through, as he continues, “And have fun along the way. People tend to get so caught up winning and getting the trophy, they forget the main reason they even started playing the game in the first place”.  


If you are looking to become a gamer like Carlos, he has some sage advice for you, “Practice a lot, study your videos, your sets, rewatch them over and over until you comprehend what's going on in every aspect of the game. Practice your combos and learn to stay grounded and present. It’s very important to be able to focus on the game”. Perez knows that your state of mind has implications beyond the game, “With social media being so big these days in Esports, being prone to receiving hateful comments and negative messages, you will need to have thick skin and a good mentality in order to prevent that from bothering you. The most important advice - stay in school!” Carlos has aspirations beyond his gaming career. He’s currently studying Entertainment Management and hopes to use his major to break into the music business someday. He has loved music since he was a kid and would love to be a musician, producer, or even manager to an up-and-coming artist. Eventually he aspires to organize his own events and help others get into the music industry. It’s clear that whatever path he chooses, Carlos Perez will be successful.