Meet Ryan, The Newest Member of our Marketing Team!

By on October 18, 2013

Meet the newest member of our team! Ryan H. is our student worker for the marketing department here at Bay State.  He is finishing up his bachelor’s degree in Management and was kind enough to tell us his own Bay State story.  Here it is, in his own words:

My college career actually began years ago in New York where I worked to receive my associate degree in Broadcasting at Brooklyn College. Though my time there helped me reach some important goals, I knew it wasn’t where I wanted to pursue my bachelor’s degree. I hadn’t established a close relationship with the faculty and the large classrooms lacked the interaction that I felt was necessary for me to understand and process the materials being taught.

Earning a Bachelor’s degree has always been my main goal. Only a small percentage of my family has graduated from college, and I know first-hand the advantages that earning a bachelor’s degree can give to your way of life.

I figured I would move back to Boston to pursue my degree in Broadcast Management. I had to reevaluate my decision after finding out that it was going to be expensive for me to attend the college of my dreams here in Boston. I didn’t want to sacrifice changing my career choice because I couldn’t afford to attend the best broadcasting school. Therefore, I came up with a plan that would ideally satisfy both dilemmas.

I decided to substitute my Broadcasting degree for an Entertainment Management degree at Bay State College. Transferring wasn't as difficult as I expected because of the support network received from family, friends and the staff here at Bay State.

Working and going to school was intense for me, especially when the cost of my degree exceeded my income. Bay State College provided an affordable way for me to complete my degree and offered scholarships that also aided in the tuition expense. The tuition here was half the price compared to the college I wanted to pursue and the one I attended before.

 I was sold after attending my first class and meeting with the faculty and staff who remembered me as an individual. Finally, I was not just another statistic. I established personal relationships with my professors and created close bonds with fellow classmates that I feel will last long after my graduation.

My passion for broadcasting has transcended into a passion for Accounting and Finance Management. This is a credit to the professors that motivated me to believe in myself and allowed me to develop skills that the competitive job market demands. I feel more confident going out into the corporate world with the knowledge, skills, and experiences I have gained here.

Thanks for telling us your story, Ryan! Even though there’s only a short time left until he is an official college graduate, we’re happy to have his help and great ideas in the marketing department while we can (We're even willing to look past the Yankees hat)!