Meet Moonish M. Jariya, Foundation Year student from Mumbai, India

By on February 4, 2015

We recently asked Foundation Year student Moonish M. Jariya of Mumbai India to share his Bay State College experience with us. Read on to find out what he said.

When researching college’s abroad, I looked through college websites that offered the degree I was interested in gaining, Business Management. I went through many college reviews and contacted the schools by email. Through this process, I found Bay State College and it took my interest as it offered the course I was interested in as well as a number of other Bachelor’s programs. When I emailed the college, their answer was so clear and friendly. Bay State College’s Admission process was quick and easy and the fees are affordable.

Not only this, but the college is located in a safe and very pretty area with a lot of other international students! Ultimately, these are the reasons I selected Bay State College, and after arriving, I felt immediate connected to Boston. People at Bay State and around Boston are very friendly and helpful. Boston holds a lot of American history and the neighborhood where the College is located is well maintained and historic.

Winter in Boston means cold weather, but I like that it’s different from home and I am enjoying the snow fall! Even if it is cold and snowing, one of the best parts of Boston is traveling and how easy it is to get from school to home or to other areas of the city.  Boston’s transport system is very helpful if you stay far from Bay State College because there are a lot of different transportation stops right near the College. I feel safe and enjoy my short trip to school every day.  

 After I complete my Foundation Year program, I will be fully enrolled into Bay State College’s Management program. I’m excited because I really love the business field and want to build a successful future in Business.

When you decide to study abroad, make sure to ask a lot of questions and make sure you’re getting all the information you need. I am very happy with Bay State College because since day one they were able to answer my questions quickly and fully. They were always up to date with all Admissions and Visa procedures, so it was very easy for me to stay connected through the process. Bay State College’s Director of International Student Affairs, Julia Croft, and School Official Myra Traylor were very helpful and they feel like family. Over the first few week’s I’ve recognized that all staff and faculty at BSC are just as supportive and friendly as Julia and Myra which makes me feel comfortable and allows me to share any concerns or problems I’m having.  

This is my personal experience that I wanted to share with all my international friends, brothers and sisters . Choose Bay State College and make your future bright and successful!