How to get into fashion merchandising?

By Bay State College on June 9, 2017

Those who work in fashion merchandising play a vital role in the fashion industry. A fashion merchandiser is responsible for making sure that all of the latest and trendiest items are properly marketed and made visible for consumers to see and purchase. There is a variety of fashion merchandising strategies that can be employed to help connect individual designers and brands with a broad and diverse range of potential customers who are ready and willing to run out and buy the latest and greatest of what the fashion world has to offer.  

Fashion merchandising includes creating engaging advertising campaigns that catch the eye of consumers to encourage purchases. A fashion merchandiser may also be responsible for overseeing all aspects of direct manufacturing and marketing; for example, setting up displays, helping guide the decisions of fashion buyers, and setting market prices while determining the best placement of an item to increase its chance of selling. These are some components related to fashion retail merchandising. 

No matter which direction you want to take your fashion merchandising career, having a Bachelor’s in Management with a Fashion Industry concentration can help get your career off on the right foot. With your management degree, you can position yourself as an expert in the field who not only knows the current state of the industry and where it’s headed in the future but also has the skills to successfully market garments and other fashion items to consumers, helping drive sales and move products off the rack. 

Additionally, management degree programs that offer courses related to fashion retail merchandising will give you a comprehensive view of the industry from both the consumer and business sides that could make you more valuable and marketable in the industry as a fashion merchandiser. With a management degree in the fashion industry, you can begin your career working with a garment manufacturer, a retail store chain, or even a wholesaler. You can also pursue opportunities with a high-end fashion designer or specialty boutique. There are virtually no limits to what you can do.

If you have an eye for fashion, understand what consumers want, and know how to advertise and market the latest styles and trends to the public, then fashion merchandising is the career for you and a management degree in the fashion industry could give you the advantage to succeed in your career. Bay State College offers a Bachelor’s in Management with a Fashion Industry concentration, which can help you start a career in fashion merchandising.