From Internship to Career - Fashion Merchandising Alumni Success

By on July 24, 2014

As a student at Bay State College you’ll hear over and over again, from faculty and staff alike, how important an internship is to your education. In fact, in most programs internships are required.  There’s a reason for that. Recent statistics repeatedly show that employers prefer new hires that have gained relevant work experience.

2012 Fashion Merchandising graduate Myvette Fernandez found her internship opportunity when representatives from web fashion retailer Karmaloop spoke in her class. After taking the initiative to speak with the representatives, she was asked in for an interview and hired as an intern shortly after.

“During my time as an intern, I worked with the mindset of an employee,” says Myvette. “I was really dedicated and loyal to the brand, put in my hours, and worked as hard as I could.”

The internship eventually ended when Myvette graduated and returned to her hometown, but the moment a full-time position opened at Karmaloop, she was the first to be called.

As Inbound Coordinator at Karmaloop, Myvette takes on the task of handling the day to day logistics for the web retailer. She is in constant contact with big name brands like Timberland, Adidas, and Oakley, to make sure their products make their way seamlessly to the company’s warehouse.  It’s a role her internship and experience at Bay State prepared her for.

“There is so much more to the study of fashion than an extended trip to the mall. Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry that is beyond borders.  It is cut throat, challenging, and takes no prisoners. The best you can do is be ready and arm yourself with as much knowledge and experience as possible. Bay State provided both. The internship, hours of studying with friends, and all the volunteer work really made a difference. I didn’t just go to class and go home.”

As we sat down to meet with Myvette at Karmaloop’s Boylston Street office, she also spent some time reflecting on the reason Bay State was the right choice for her.

“The thing about Bay State that I loved was the community within each program. Each professor had their own individual style and structure that combined to make an amazing group of role models. If a student was dedicated and hardworking, there wasn’t a way to fail; academically or otherwise.”

A great alumni success story based on hard work and making the most of the opportunities presented to her. It's clear Myvette is loving the path she is on, and it doesn't hurt she gets to bring her four legged friend to work. Great job, Myvette! Thanks for letting us stop by!