Final Exam Study Spots- Spring Edition

By Emily Benoit on May 2, 2018

With the school year winding down, students at Bay State are getting down to business and burying their heads in books in preparation for the fast approaching Finals Week. Some may be dreading the never-ending cram sessions, but with the weather warming up and the sweet smell of spring finally in our midst, we found a few places you can visit to make studying a little more bearable. Check out the list below:






The Esplanade

Grab some snacks, your books, and a friend and head over to The Charles River Esplanade for a study spot with arguably the best view on our list.  

Christopher Columbus Park 

Looking for something a little less close to home? Try out Christopher Columbus Park in the North End. There are plenty of benches and grassy areas to transform into your workspace. The best part? There's wi-fi.  

Boston Public Garden 

Just steps away from Bay State's campus is where you'll find a serene and relaxing space that's perfect for hitting the books. Find a bench or veg out under a willow tree; either way, you're sure to find the peace you need to ace every last one of your exams.  

Boston Public Library Courtyard 

Back in the fall semester, the Great Hall of the BPL was the perfect place to find a quiet place to work or study. Now that we're getting some sunshine, how about stepping out to the library's beautiful courtyard? Enjoy all the same amenities, with fresh air and a soothing fountain as added bonuses.   

Barrington Coffee on Newbury St.  

If you can't escape your coffee cravings, head over to Barrington Coffee Roasters Company location on Newbury St. Get your caffeine fix and set up camp in their lovely outdoor seating area. 


Study up, Bulldogs!