Fashion Meets Early Childhood Education - Service Learning

By on November 5, 2013

Our fashion students will be taking their expertise in textile and design and bringing it into a completely different setting— a childcare center.  Each participant from the fashion department will be giving a lesson plan on how the fabrics we wear change with the seasons. They will be working collaboratively with our senior Early Childhood Education students who will be giving them lesson planning tips and expert advice from their experience in the classroom.

As with all Service Learning projects, the group will meet back up once the project is complete to share their experience and what they’ve learned from it. We’ll follow up with the group once the project is complete.

What is Service Learning at Bay State College?

The faculty and students at Bay State College work with community organizations to design collaborative projects that address community issues and that allow students to develop and apply academic and critical thinking skills.

Service-learning experiences and structured reflection provide students with the opportunity to make connections between academic course content and community issues, in the broader context of civic engagement. Service-learning also facilitates the exchange of ideas, knowledge and resources between Bay State College and the local community, the New England area, and beyond.

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