Competition Under the Sun

By on April 23, 2013
To students starting in the fall: Come say "Hello!" during FYE at our table! Look forward to seeing you there.

Newly returned from Anaheim, CA is a handful of DECA chapter members, myself included. 

Over the last week, the International Career Development Conference or ICDC took over Anaheim, CA. Two other students and myself traveled with our adviser, Professor Swaim, to do our best to compete and learn skills that we can use upon our return.

This was my first conference that I ever attended and I can confidently say that it will certainly not be my last. Despite my reluctance about competition, I found the entire weekend to be thrilling. I met students from all over the country -all over the world- to connect and make friends. I learned how my classes are preparing me for the "real-world" and what I still have to work on before I get there. The conference was a fantastic opportunity to get out there and connect with business people, other students and potential leaders of the world.

I was able to go up on stage this past week to accept our very first Passport Program award to bring home. The Passport Program was a year-long project that consisted of keeping track of and documenting every event that we had participated in over the year. Our award is now proudly hanging in Professor Swaim's office.

We're already looking forward to next year's ICDC Conference in Washington D.C!