Bay State Student Story - Steven Laubach

By on January 7, 2014
Steven stops for a photo on a work trip to San Fransisco.

Our New Years Resolution? To feature more of our student stories.  First up is Steven Laubach, a current Entertainment Management student who has a full plate attending class and working in the industry.  Read on for a bit of our interview with Steven.

Why did you choose Entertainment Management at Bay State College?

I chose EM because music is something I have always enjoyed and been passionate about.  Bay State College seemed like the best route for me to start my adventure in the industry. Boston was definitely my top choice for locations when looking at colleges. I wanted a college in a city, but one with a hands-on approach and a place that would feel, in a way, like family. I found that at Bay State. Here, you’re not just another face in a large classroom. You’re really able to stand out.

You’re currently working (with travel) and taking classes. Is that manageable?

I’ve learned that within the Entertainment Management industry, whether you’re a student or a professional in the field, it’s so important to network and take on any positive opportunities that come your way.  My current position keeps me busy, but not at the expense of my coursework. I am able to select courses that best fit my schedule and I know the hard work will pay off in the long run.  

What is the position you have now?

I hold a position at Boston Event Works in their Wedding Department, BE Weddings, as a Booking Agent & Wedding Specialist. Career Services and my academic adviser helped me work on a resume, and with words of encouragement from them, I applied, at first, as an intern.  I interned with the company for about 3-4months while going to school and maintaining my position at a restaurant as their Executive Chef.  With determination and hard work I proved myself self as valuable asset to both companies by being eager to learn, representing the company in the right ways, always making myself available at the right times, and of course, by making the company money. My efforts were rewarded with a more permanent position.

How is the EM program? Do you feel like the material you are studying is helping in your role currently?

I really enjoy the EM program at Bay State. Despite my busy schedule, I will definitely continue my education here. As I work in the field, I continue to see the benefits of my education and how our course work translates directly into everyday life.

I honestly think one of Bay State’s biggest assets in the faculty. They make class so interesting and can bring in real experience from working in the industry.

Thanks to Steven for taking a few minutes to speak with us!