At Bay State College, Every Program Is Hands-on

By on July 17, 2018
Boston, MA

Internships are part of Bay State College's DNA. And with access to countless opportunities in an impressive variety of fields in our hometown of Boston, you will do more than just work in your field of study, you will build working relationships with people in your chosen field. Another benefit of the Bay State internship program? Internships are a big factor when companies are deciding which job applicants to hire.

Having a career you love in a field you find compelling doesn't happen by accident. It begins in the classroom, and then comes alive when you bring your knowledge into the real world.

Here are just a few of the internships our students have enjoyed recently:

  • One Entertainment Management student interned at Red 13, a creative recording studio, where he acted as assistant engineer for a metal album and location sound engineer for a music video production, among other things.
  • A student in our Criminal Justice program landed an internship at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, where he helped host special guests for talks, including Senator Bernie Sanders. He also gained unmatched on-the-ground experience seeing what does on in a large political organization.
  • A student in the Physical Therapy Assistant program earned an internship at the Boston Home, a residence and care center for adults with advanced progressive neurological diseases. With literal hands-on experience, she applied her learning from Bay State's Physical Therapy Assistant classes to perform treatment patients alongside a physical therapist for wounds, tone management, and wheelchair mobility.

"Bay State College encourages students to gain hands-on learning and to network with professionals in their field of study. And to do that in a city like Boston-- which is known for being a professional hub and a medical and intellectual center-- is pretty incredible," says Diann Lloyd-Dennis, Bay State College's Director of Career Services.

Our Career Services team can teach you how to seek, assess, and apply for quality internships-- much like you will do when you start looking for a job!

The first time you apply what you learn in the classroom in the real world, you'll realize the impact our internships can make. Explore more about internships through Bay State College.